BioMedical Test Equipment Products and SolutionsBiomedical Test Equipment

Are you looking for the most up-to date info or specs to help make an informed decision on purchasing new biomedical test equipment?
Do you have questions about your current equipment that are not covered in the user manual?

Medset offers end-users a customer-driven, virtual Q&A with our manufacturers. This has proven to be a beneficial time-saver for busy biomeds.

Let us do all the organizing, so you can get the info you need in as little/much time as you want – all at a time that suits your schedule.

Test equipment is sourced from the US and Europe to meet specific applications. We supply the newest generation to guarantee product support and web-based firmware updates are provided where applicable. Testers are upgraded regularly to accommodate new patient technologies. Most test equipment is available for evaluation purposes.

Contact customer service for more details about our products and solutions.