Did you know that Medset has a Medical Device Establishment License (license # 1810) with Health Canada?

As a distributor of medical products across Canada, maintaining this license ensures that all regulatory requirements set forth by Health Canada are met. This includes sourcing quality products and accessories from reputable manufacturers (with medical device licenses themselves) and ensuring that procedures are in place should a problem arise.

Traceability of third-party distributors is a key component for the safe use of medical devices, and one with which Medset wholeheartedly complies. For instance, Health Canada defines any battery designed specifically for use in medical devices, to be medical devices themselves. The batteries supplied by Medset for these applications are all Health Canada Registered.

Batteries are a great example of how compliance with Health Canada regulations and quality assurance intersect. When a business without a medical device license repackages batteries, there are no controls in place and the end-user has no knowledge of what cells used. Ordering from Medset ensures receiving a product that is safe and traceable, and that you and your hospital are protected.