Mobilize PRONK TEST Equipment Wireless Solution

Mobilize PRONK TEST Equipment Wireless Solution

Medset is pleased to announce a complete wireless solution that connects your Pronk test equipment to your smart device! Take complete control of your Pronk products — Safe-T Sim® Mobilize Electrical Safety Analyzer,  SC-5 SimCube® Mobilize NIBP SimulatorOX-2 OxSim Flex® Mobilize SpO2 Simulator, and FlowTrax® Mobilize IV Pump Analyzer — to set up your own test protocols or run your CMMS procedures right from your Apple iOS (Android available shortly) device. Also, there is an upgrade path for current Pronk test devices.

Another new product: Digital Pulse Oximetry Simulator

How to Order from Medset

To support the diverse needs of hospitals, healthcare centres and outsourced procurement providers – Medset does not have a min/max order requirement.

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