How to Store your Batteries using a Cadex Analyzer

Medset is a proud to be Canadian distributor of CADEX products. An award-winning company, Cadex Electronics has been in business for over 40 years. Did you know the word Cadex is derived from CADmium-EXerciser?

Different battery chemistries have specific requirements for storage. When storing batteries, temperature is important but also the SoC (state of charge) should be considered. Following are a few basic pointers on battery storage:

Lead acid: How to store a Lead Acid Battery

Fully charge before storing

– Partial charge causes sulfation
– Self-discharge increases with heat
– Topping-charge every 6 monthsUse the Charge Program with the Cadex C7X00 C-Series Analyzer

NiCd, NiMH: How to store a Nickle based Battery

No preparation needed

– Can be stored charged or empty
– Needs exercise after long storage

Use the Prime Program with the Cadex C7X00 C-Series Analyzer

Li-ion: How to store a Lithium Ion Battery

Store at 30-60% SoC (State of Charge)

– Charge empty Li-ion to 3.80V/cell
– Discharge full Li-ion to 3.75V/cell (3.80V/cell relates to ~50% SoC
– Top-charge every 6 months

Use the Custom Program with the Cadex C7X00 C-Series Analyzer to bring the batteries to a specific SoC level (this works also for recharging after a while).
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Medset CFO (Chief Furry Officer)



Introducing Maisie….a 10 lb mini golden doodle pup. Maisie comes to work each day at our Burlington facility. Her job is to greet visitors (which she happily does) and to not get into things (she tries).  She is a great to have around our busy office – and even though she really likes to sleep, she will rise to the occasion if someone wants to give her a pet or a treat.

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TechNation: 40 under 40 Nominations

Apply now to be featured in TechNation’s 2023 40 Under 40!

Deadline: April 28, 2023. Applications will be reviewed and 2023 inductees will be contacted in May 2023.

To all our outstanding Biomed customers: Apply online via this link:

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New from Pronk: Capture of ALL your testing: Mobilize

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Mobilize Wireless + App MSL

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AAMI eXchange 2022

We are pleased to be attending the upcoming 2022 AAMI eXchange (June 3-6) in San Antonio, Texas. A global health technology event, AAMI is always a terrific annual opportunity for us to connect face-to-face with some of our suppliers and customers and to learn more about current and upcoming cutting-edge healthcare technology. The eXchange is back to “in-person” after a hiatus due to Covid restrictions. We look forward to meeting up with everyone!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Many of our customers have had the pleasure of working with Bill regarding technical and product support, quotations, or just general troubleshooting. He also manages our inventory (a challenging job these days!). Hailing originally from Newfoundland, Bill has been with Medset for over 17 years.

Bill’s (temporary!) green beard is a nod to his Irish heritage – HAPPY SAINT PATRICK’S DAY!!!

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