Medset – The Evolution of a Canadian Company

How we have grown! Over 30 years ago, Medset started out as a company focused on the needs of biomedical departments within the Canadian healthcare community. Our three main product lines were biomedical test equipment, batteries for medical applications, and specialty bulbs.

Early on, we added patient monitoring accessories and power management to further meet the demands of busy biomed departments and to provide customers with more options. Through diligent research, we were able to source quality ECG leadwires, cables, NIBP cuffs, hospital grade power cords and of course the ever-popular PowerMate 60601. To further round out these product lines, we started including SPO2 sensors, NIBP connectors and IV pump repair parts. Our longevity has enabled us to build, over time, an expansive part # list – ranging from common, regularly requested parts to much more obscure parts needed to keep older equipment operational.

Streamlined Repair Service was added next: FMT/Ultrasound transducers, pumphead mech repairs and test equipment repairs and calibrations. Safety compliance in healthcare is critical and our ongoing relationships with ISO 13485 certified/Health Canada Registered manufacturers enabled Medset to establish cost-effective turnkey repair solutions. This service is both economical and a time-saver – customers just send repairs to us with an RMA # and we ensure a quality, compliant, and guaranteed repair with our manufacturers.

And now current day: Biomedical Test Equipment, Batteries, Specialty Bulbs, Patient Monitoring Accessories, Power Management, and Repair Program – over the years we have evolved to meet our customer’s needs – and we won’t stop! Medset is committed to continue to grow and respond to the ever-changing, dynamic, biomedical world as the industry continues to revolutionize. Thank you for reading our story. As always, we are a phone call or Quick Connect away to answer any of your technical questions or help with solutions.

February 28th, 2022|

Support a Great Cause!

Everyone in the healthcare field works hard every day, but the last two years have been a tremendous strain both physically and mentally. Many individuals have stepped up in their own way to try and ease the burden. Marc d’Entremont, a biomedical engineer technologist in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, has released a song “I Did it For You” – with all proceeds generously being donated to the Moose Jaw Health Foundation’s Healthcare Heroes initiative. Thank you for sharing, Marc – your talent is amazing!

“I Did it for You” is available to stream or purchase through all the main streaming services. Below are a few links, along with an article in Discover Moosejaw:

‎I Did It for You by Marc d’Entremont on Apple Music

I Did It for You by Marc d’Entremont on Amazon Music Unlimited

I Did It for You · Marc d’Entremont (

February 14th, 2022|

Test Equipment Selection/Solutions

Are you looking for the most up-to date info or specs to help make an informed decision on purchasing new test equipment? Do you have questions about your current equipment that are not covered in the user manual?

Medset offers end-users a customer-driven, virtual Q&A with our manufacturers. This has proven to be a beneficial time-saver for busy biomeds. Let us do all the organizing, so you can get the info you need in as little/much time as you want – all at a time that suits your schedule. Contact customer service for details.

February 7th, 2022|

Value-Added Service: Biomedical Test Equipment Calibration & Repairs

Have you received a notification from Medset regarding a manufacturer-recommended calibration for test equipment purchased from us?

Our reminder notifications have been well-received by many of our busy customers (note customers are easily able to opt out of this reminder service upon request) The reminder allows customers the option of Medset facilitating a turn-key calibration service direct from the manufacturer for Pronk Technologies, BC Group, TSI, and IMT Analytics Biomedical test equipment. This is a cost-only, value-added service we provide, that streamlines the sometimes-challenging process of managing OEM calibrations with international manufacturers.

Email with the make/model/serial number of your device to receive a calibration price and an RMA number.  Equipment repairs are on an as-needed basis and a quote will be provided from the manufacturer for your approval. For more information on equipment calibrations/repairs contact customer service.

January 25th, 2022|

Health Canada Compliance

Did you know that Medset has a Medical Device Establishment License (license # 1810) with Health Canada?

As a distributor of medical products across Canada, maintaining this license ensures that all regulatory requirements set forth by Health Canada are met. This includes sourcing quality products and accessories from reputable manufacturers (with medical device licenses themselves) and ensuring that procedures are in place should a problem arise.

Traceability of third-party distributors is a key component for the safe use of medical devices, and one with which Medset wholeheartedly complies. For instance, Health Canada defines any battery designed specifically for use in medical devices, to be medical devices themselves. The batteries supplied by Medset for these applications are all Health Canada Registered.

Batteries are a great example of how compliance with Health Canada regulations and quality assurance intersect. When a business without a medical device license repackages batteries, there are no controls in place and the end-user has no knowledge of what cells used. Ordering from Medset ensures receiving a product that is safe and traceable, and that you and your hospital are protected.

January 18th, 2022|

Medset SLA Battery Testing

At Medset, we test and rate our SLA batteries. We do this to ensure quality accuracy, as many of our healthcare customers require a specific voltage and capacity for testing purposes. All SLA manufacturers print the voltage and capacity on their batteries and for the most part, this is accurate.  However sometimes a battery will be high rated. High rating is when a battery capacity is based on the higher end of a sampling instead of the average. This occasional occurrence is industry-wide and is usually done for marketing purposes.

To ensure accuracy, end-users should always test capacity with the Medset SLA label (p/n, voltage, amps and chemistry).

January 10th, 2022|