The Yellow Jacket VL-SL1YJ, a long-popular and lightweight ECG Patient Simulator, has been distributed by Medset Specialties to Canadian hospitals from our Burlington, Ontario warehouse for more then 20 years. The Yellow Jacket VL-SL1YJ simulates tachycardia and bradycardia by toggling between 5 different speed settings. The battery, a Saft LS14250 lithium allows for a long battery life. The Saft LS14250 lithium battery is also available at Medset.

LS14250 range

These lithium batteries feature a bobbin construction and are used in many medical devices. They are high-capacity and high-energy and can operate in a wide range of environmental conditions. They also have superior resistance to corrosion and a low self-discharge, compatible with a long operating life. Their ISO rating is added assurance of quality and dependability – critical when used to help power a medical device. Medset stocks fresh LS14250 batteries at our Burlington facility – they are available for quick or overnight shipment if needed.